Assess your swimming speed and efficiency

Welcome to the Overachiever's Diary quantitative method of benchmarking and then measuring speed and efficiency improvements.

In the Math section of Overachiever's Diary, I show in detail how we created a chart and table-based formula for tracking progress. If you want to be able to measure your speed and efficiency in the water, give me your name and email address below and I'll let you know as soon as this program is available. You will be able to enter your splits and other data, track your progress over time, compare yourself to the Overachiever's Diary universe, the cadets, people in your age group, gender, and other classifications.

In the meantime, if you want to see the general assessment format, you can download an actual cadet assessment (Adobe Reader PDF file, cadet's name removed).

I will keep your name and email confidential. You are not committing to participate in this program. I will let you know when the program is available and you can decide then whether to participate. Thanks.


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